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Year: 2008

“I call it ‘Russian submarine music'”

“And the new project’s musical approach is far from the arena-filling anthems of Snow Patrol. “I call it ‘Russian submarine music,’ he says of the band’s sound. “It sounds like you’re tied to the bottom of the ocean and a Russian submarine drives past and it goes, ‘Oh-weee-oh’ — you know, underwater Gregorian chants.” “… Read More ›

‘master class in song writing’

‘Just when I thought the lesson in song writing is complete the eerie keys and tribal drums are punctuated with trumpets used as I have never heard them used before. There’s no Jazz or mambo here, they are used to great effect in building a constantly escalating chill. The sudden drop back to the aforementioned… Read More ›

“The success of Run is obviously brilliant.”

“Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody has his first Number 1 smash. Only the version that’s topping the charts isn’t by his band, it’s sung by Leona Lewis, an X Factor diva who has placed the five-year-old song on the top of the UK and Irish charts. Which is fine by Lightbody, who is now seeing Snow… Read More ›

About 220 songs…

“Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody has revealed to MusicRadar that he wrote more than 200 songs on his Mac prior to recording of the band’s most recent album A Hundred Million Suns. “I had about 220 songs in GarageBand by the end of the Eyes Open tour,” he explained. “We narrowed it down to about… Read More ›


On, Gary announced that his side project “Listen… Tanks” will have a digital release in 2009. So far, he says, 2 songs have been recorded and more shall be in January. He says “It sounds a little exceptional, very dark and absolutely different to what I’ve done before. ” No official release date is… Read More ›

Interview on

Click here for an awesome video interview with Gary on the band’s tour bus. Gary chatters about the new album, new bands from Belfast, moving to Bangor and little Honey, his 14month old niece.

Website up…

Finally, the site is all up and running. New content is now addded constantly so bear with me another few days until everything is up.