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‘Crack the Shutters’ Exhibition

thumb2122A photographic exhibition at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall will give fans of the rock band Snow Patrol the chance to see them captured on camera in some of their most relaxed and off-guard moments.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Crack the Shutters’, features the work of photographer Bradley Quinn.

In video: Bradley Quinn interview

Bradley’s brother Johnny Quinn is the drummer in Snow Patrol while the band’s frontman Gary Lightbody was in his class at school – which helps explain why the 33-year-old was given close access to the band.

“I kinda knew a few of the guys before the band was even formed. I’ve been with them for around 10 years, right from the very early days when I took their first Press photographs.

I’ve been with them at some stage on most of their tours and accompanied them in various recording studios.

“I’ve built up a collection of both live and more informal shots. Because the guys have known me for so long and so well, they are very comfortable with the camera in more candid moments,” explained Bradley.

The exhibition is officially launched on Wednesday July 8 and runs in Gallery 2 at the Waterfront until the end of this month.

Go here to read the interview at Belfast Telegraph.

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  1. Oh, I love his photos, they’re awesome!! I wish I could see his exhibition!

  2. Brad is cool! And an awesome photographer!

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