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Movie Trailer Sends Snow Patrol Up The iTunes Chart

Have you ever sat in a theater watching a movie trailer and wondered what that song was that was playing behind the dramatic, heart wrenching scenes?

Apparently quite a number of people are having that experience when they see the trailer for the upcoming movie Dear John due in theaters February 5, 2010. The song in question is Snow Patrol’s “Set the Fire To the Third Bar” featuring a stellar guest vocal from Martha Wainwright. The dramatic impact of the trailer for the film has sent the song into the top 25 on the current iTunes chart.

“Set the Fire To the Third Bar” first appeared on Snow Patrol’s huge hit album Eyes Open in 2006. It was released as a single in the UK and reached the top 20. It has since reappeared twice on the UK pop singles chart and is a favorite with fans of the band’s music. Now it looks like the over three year old song may have a life on the US pop charts. It is a moving ballad with stellar lyrics somewhat reminiscent of Snow Patrol’s biggest hit “Chasing Cars.” Check out both the movie trailer for Dear John and the original video for “Set the Fire To the Third Bar.”

Watch Dear John trailer
Watch “Set the Fire To the Third Bar” video

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