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First Big Love Story Of The Decade

As February 5 draws closer, excitement builds for what could be the first major romance flick of the new decade. Dear John follows the story of love-struck, star-crossed John and Savannah, a young soldier on leave and a wealthy college student respectively.

After the young couple tumbles headfirst into a passionate love, John returns to the battlefront, leaving the two to keep their feelings alive through a cascade of letters.

Based on the novel of the same name, Dear John is the sixth work by bestselling author Nicholas Sparks to make it to the big screen. Sparks’ novels have already defined romance films for a generation, dominating the genre of the love story with The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, and Message in a Bottle.

The hotly anticipated next installment in Sparks’ movie adaptations promises to be just as popular and harbingers of its success are already rearing their heads. Snow Patrol’s “Set the Fire to the Third Bar” recently skyrocketed to the top 25 on the iTunes chart after appearing in the trailer for the upcoming movie.

Given the impact of the trailer alone, it is little wonder that eager movie watchers are prepared to consider Dear John the Notebook of the new decade.

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