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Been There, Heard That…

Snow Patrol gained major kudos and attention in the US when their song Chasing Cars was used in the second season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, and then for the promo trailer for Season Three.

That bit we know, but have you been paying attention to how much the Irish alternative rock band now gets used in movie trailers? And rather well at that.

Using their haunting Set Fire To The Third Bar (which features Martha Wainwright) for the Dear John trailer hints that this will be a beautiful film of gut-wrenching proportions. You watch the trailer and simply have to know where the song comes from, and vow to watch it at the first opportunity. Ja, well, too bad about the film itself though. Stick to the trailer.

Their song Signal Fire was the only song from the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack that was released as a single. It was originally offered to Shrek 3 (speaking of which, Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes, featuring Lisa Hanigan, which is the evocative song that plays in the scene where Shrek and Fiona are jailed separately, doesn’t appear in the soundtrack, but you can find it on his album 9. How weird).

The Snow Patrol Spidey song’s music video is really cute, with school kids re-enacting scenes from Spider-Man 1 and 2 for a school concert.

But, to get back to trailers.

Their latest song Just Say Yes gets used for the trailer for Leap Year (which opens today). The song works its way up to a happy crescendo, suggesting that the film is going to make you smile before long. U-huh. Think again.

On the bill of songs making trailers suggest films are so much better than they really are is Gavin Rossdale’s Love Remains The Same getting used for the Nights In Rodanthe trailer.

The film features Diane Lane and Richard Gere, and an absolutely stunning beachfront hotel. The couple had amazing chemistry in The Cotton Club, and the trailer certainly suggests it, along with the song affirming that you need several tissues … but this film doesn’t live up to the book’s reputation (it was written by Nicholas Sparks, the same guy who wrote Dear John and, strangely enough, The Notebook, which was turned into a really good film).

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