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‘My Brothers’ Movie Review

Written by – gazingeye

“Hopefully this will be the right section for this since it’s Gary/Garret-related. Anyway, I was lucky enough to catch this film at the Tribeca Film Festival today, and it is incredibly powerful.

The children who act in it will break your heart with how they go from juvenile humor to shocking reality at the blink of an eye. The music plays a huge part in the film, which does a lot of switching between very quiet, claustrophobic moments to the score that carries the film along. I’m sure you guys are mostly interested in Gary and Garret’s contributions, so here’s the lowdown on the music:

– The main score crops up often. It’s very delicate, guitar notes plucked rather than chords strummed. Occasionally it’s enhanced with synth or drums, but for the most part, it’s tender guitar. The fragility of the score reminds me of how the film vibrates with such an emotional range. I can still hear it in my mind.

– There are three other original songs by the duo. One was called “Your Two Arms” and was love-oriented, of course. There was also part about running towards the ocean. Again, acoustic stuff. It kind of moved in the direction of what we were told to expect with Tired Pony. “My Brothers” comes at a pivotal moment in the film and really moves a montage along. I believe the chorus went “Be gentle with me now, my brothers,” but my memory could be failing me. The final song I unfortunately forget the name to, but it was incredibly powerful. It was about being claimed by the night, saying goodbye and going forever, and it was the lowest I’ve ever heard Gary sing, definitely at the bottom of his range. His voice is in fine form here, and to have that fluctuation between low and then a more natural tone hits home at the end of the film. Definitely stays with you.

– The first question at the Q&A session after was actually about the music, which was nice since I was going to ask anyway. The girl was impressed by how well it worked and wanted to know about the “composer” and how the collaboration came about. Paul Fraser, the director, said he had a friend in common with Gary, so Gary got his hands on the script and wrote “My Brothers.” Fraser was impressed enough to have him and Garret work on the rest of the film. Gary offered to let Fraser co-write, but he declined, saying Gary obviously knew what he was doing.

Other than that, I feel very lucky to have seen the film considering it was finished being cobbled together two weeks ago and almost didn’t make it across the pond due to the volcanic ash. It was incredibly well done, from the acting to the directing, the editing to the writing, and of course the music, so everyone who worked on it should feel proud. If anyone was thinking about going to see it if only for the faint interest of hearing new Gary material, please, take the opportunity to see some great art.”

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  1. Looking forward to hearing these songs very exciting!

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