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Special Offer For Fans Around The World

The Ltd Edition Collectors Box can now be ordered with free international shipping. just emailed this:

Free International Shipping – Save up to €30*

As we make our way around the world, and head into the European leg of our tour we are offering all our fans free shipping on the ultimate in Snow Patrol memorabilia. The limited edition collectors box “Up To Now” beautifully presents the Patrols finest moments to date.

It includes 3 CDs, 3 LPs, 2 DVDs, a lithographic print by Bradley Quinn plus a full-colour booklet.

Go here to read the details.

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  1. am i missing some crucial point here?or should everyone who’s ordered this so far be up in arms as the extra unsold boxes get sold off sans shipping?!

  2. they must not be selling as good as they hoped.

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