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IFTA Nominations 2011

The Irish Film & Television Academy Award nominations have just been announced for 2011. I have asterisked the titles that may have received festival screenings in Ireland but have yet to be released theatrically here.

This may be contrasted with the nominations in the ‘international’ categories, all of which apply to films which I believe have been distributed here.

I have only listed the film and film/television categories. For the full list check Interesting to note that the ‘Actress in a Lead Role’ category is an award across both film and television, whereas their male colleagues have separate awards for each platform. Might that be ascribed to an absence of roles, a dearth of good performances, or a shortage of submitted performances?

Original Score
Niall Byrne – Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Ray Harman – Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Lance Hogan – Lapland Odyssey (Ripple World Pictures)
Gary Lightbody & Jacknife Lee – My Brothers (Rubicon Films)

Read the announcement at

Thanks, Debbie !

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