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London Photos (September 5th)

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  1. I’m in tears after viewing these pictures. Oh to have been there.

  2. i like your comment Suko Sulllivan

  3. Thanks Fay. Hope I live long enough to see them in NY again. It’s been a while.

  4. Do you mind if I’d like to have your FB!! take more photos and vedio of them for me pls. im going to see them in the next two year!!

  5. Fay, I’m not sure if your comment was directed to me or someone else. Suko

  6. To you Suko. im sorry i was in rush!

  7. No problem Fay. I would love to have you as a facebook friend. You can find me at Suko Sullivan or Suko Live from NY. I look forward to adding you and anyone else on the forum who would like to be my friend. I’m very needy you know. (A lot of you already are.)

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