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Belfast Telegraph: Streets In Timewarp For Hooley…

Armed soldiers and military vehicles returned to the streets of Belfast yesterday in a scene that caused locals and shoppers alike to do a double-take.

As vintage RUC Land Rovers and a notorious Humber “Pig” armoured car blocked off a typical Belfast terraced street in a “raid”, onlookers craned their necks to see what was happening.

But rather than signalling a return of troops to the streets, the camouflage-clad men were actors taking part in an up-and-coming film about music legend Terri Hooley.

Filming is currently taking place for the movie, about the founder of Good Vibrations record shop and label, who was responsible for bands such as The Undertones, and Rudi and The Outcasts.

Filming for the biopic, Good Vibrations: The Film, began last month and according to Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, executive producer of the film, Hooley’s history is “a life lived at light speed”.

“Terri is the godfather of Northern Ireland punk. He lived a crazy life, a really dark, hilarious life,” said Lightbody.

“I’m really pleased it’s not a pipe dream any more.

“Terri’s an unsung hero and he has never sold out.

“Even when the Undertones were signed by Seymour Stein for £60,000 – a big load of money in those days – Terri wouldn’t take any cash and he settled in the end for a rubbish £500 van.”

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