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Belfast Telegraph: Belfast Film Role For Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody

A bit of Hollywood came to Belfast yesterday.

Made in Belfast, a feature film about a Belfast man who returns to the city after eight years of self-imposed exile, was being filmed in the city centre yesterday.

The crew hope to have shooting on the micro-budget feature film completed in a fortnight.

The romantic comedy features Jack, a writer from Belfast, returning home after eight years on the continent.

It took just five days for Paul Kennedy, an actor and director from west Belfast, to write the first draft of the film. And he enlisted a cast and crew of 40.

“We shot in McHugh’s (bar in Belfast) and Gary Lightbody made his acting debut as the barman,” said Kennedy.

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  1. In my internet searches, I came across a fundraising site for the film:

    Contributing £35 towards the project & gets you a digital download of the finished project… which would probably be the only way I’d ever get to see it. While I am curious to see Gary tending bar (I think he’s usually on the other side of a bar), I’m more curious to get a better look at Belfast. And the story sounds cute what can I say- I’m a sucker for a romantic comedy.

    According to the website the funding period ends in 6 days.

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