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Perez Hilton: Ed Sheeran Gets Snow Patrol’s Frontman To Join Him Chasing Cars At The iTunes Festival!

Talk about an awesome surprise! Ed Sheeran is no stranger to covering the now-classic Snow Patrol smash Chasing Cars during live performances, but over the weekend during his set at the 2012 iTunes festival, he shocked audiences by bringing out the band’s frontman, Gary Lightbody, to join him for a STUNNING acoustic duet!

Give it a listen!

Don’t their voices harmonize together BEAUTIFULLY?!

It’s everything we LOVE about the original version…with the added bonus of everything that makes Ed’s cover of it so FANTASTIC!

These two NEED to get into the recording studio at some point!

We smell potential MAGIC in the making!

Read the article at

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  1. Wow What a great rendition. Perez Hilton has a most interesting site,…;-) Gee he dances well ..XX
    Miss you heaps…Always.:-)

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