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Welcome To The All New TTB!

Aloha TTBers… so here it is… our all new website, presented in a brighter look and with loads of new features. Now, we know TTB has always been pretty simply structured (as in read-it-down) but we figured it was time to spice things up a bit.

Now, here is a quick walk-through that explains all the old and new structures as well as some new fancy features.

Underneath our header image, you will find a featured post to the left and a list of the recent articles. When you click to read one, you will find a new section to its left: “Similar to this…”. This widget lists a few related news posts that you might find interesting.

Back on the home page, in the center of the site you will find our ‘news carousel’.* Here you will find the recent articles (just like above) but with their featured image.

Now, the lower part of the site is divided into three columns. To the left and right you have the old familiar facebook like box, Gary’s latest tweets and some popular topics -currently featuring the last few festivals.

In the center however you will find the latest news from three categories. We chose ‘Fallen Empires Tour’ -Asia, Australia and US. These we will change from time to time to keep you up to date about the current projects.

Phew… I hope that’s all. I know everything looks very, very different but we hope you like it and get used to it quickly. I hope I didn’t forget anything… please if you see anythings that looks weird email us at Have a great weekend everyone! -sam, Avanti, Julia & Sarah

* If the carouse doesn’t show up, try bookmarking our raw url ( instead of our fancy address, as it iframes the content and therefore the java might behave weird.

PS.: Thanks a lot to Desa for help with the ‘Set The Fire’ cover artwork featured in our new header!

5 Responses »

  1. Love the new layout!

  2. Thank you so much Ana!

  3. Wow, LOVE it!!! VERY fresh and happy! Thanks guys!!!

  4. AMAZING! Love how much more ‘alive’ it looks. YAY! Well done TTB team.

  5. Very editorial…I thought it was a news release.Change is always good though, as you say spice it up!…:-)

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