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Upcoming Shows… Please Read

Aloha everyone… Those of you who are registered with TTB Forums might have stumbled upon our discussion about the Jillian Meagher case. TTB teamer Sarah brought it up and we have been talking a little bit about it.

Now, some of us said that they had been in situations before where they felt scared or uncomfortable, especially when out alone late at night.

With the upcoming (South-) America shows we would like to urge you all to always ensure a safe stay after a gig, or catch a ride with someone that can drop you off at the train station or hotel or airport or whatever. In our gig threads people usually form little groups where we all look after each other and especially our younger members. Don’t be shy, sign up and get connected. -the TTB team

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  1. Great to read this here. Well put. Get together fans!

  2. Safety in first place. We’ll take care. Thanks! Get together fans! (2)

  3. Just saying that in Brasil Train Stations are not safe! Better go to hotels or take taxi. =)

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