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Game Of Thrones: More On Gary’s Cameo

In a recent interview with Pop & Rock, Gary talked about his guest appearance on Game of Thrones.

“I am part if a gang of […] thieves […] and I am singing a song on horseback. Dan Weiss, one of the creators of Game of Thrones came to see us play in Belfast a few years ago and we became very good friends and I always said to him ‘Can I just be an extra? Can I be in the Night’s Watch?’ I wanted to put on the black clothes and be in the Night’s Watch. He said ‘Yea sure’ but they film most of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland which is my home country. But the parts they film now, in these series, […] are all filmed in Iceland because they’re in the snow at the moment. I couldn’t get to Iceland but I was home so it needed to be something in Belfast. So he had this part for a singer and I said I would love to do it but I had to learn this very rude song. […]”

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  1. Finally more on this. So excited. Love the show so so much.

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