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Snow Patrol recently passed through Australia for a couple of acoustic gigs as the alternative rock/pop outfit continues to navigate the globe behind their latest album Fallen Empires. While in Sydney, Snow Patrol’s charismatic frontman Gary Lightbody graciously took the time to speak to Music Feedsabout the creative struggles he faced in attempting to write the band’s sixth studio release, where he sought inspiration from and the trials and triumphs of once again wearing his heart on his sleeve for the sake of music.

Lightbody opens up about Snow Patrol’s current single Lifening as being the catalyst in overcoming his lengthy battle with writer’s block. Within the lyrics Lightbody touches on the many blessings in his life and in turn reconnected with the things most important to the songwriter, which as Lightbody explains, “If you can’t write about those things, then you really are in trouble”.

The charming singer goes on to praise The Suburbs by Arcade Fire as being perhaps the greatest album of the last decade as Lightbody credits the Canadian indie outfit’s award-winning record as having a profound affect on himself and the band, motivating Snow Patrol to stretch themselves beyond their comfort levels.

It’s obvious from Lighbody’s approachable attitude to see why Snow Patrol has such a strong and loyal following, with the accomplished musician being as gracious and unguarded as the music that has made Snow Patrol into such a cherished act around the world.

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  1. Thanks so much TTB, great find.

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