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The Windsor Player: First Live Performance In Portland

From The Windsor Player Facebook page:

Exactly one year ago today, The Windsor Player debut album was released via CD Baby, I-Tunes and Amazon. There was no release party, shows, radio play or promotional machine behind the record. It was and independent release made by a group of musicians who received the call to make a piece of music, a piece of art and came together because of passion, dedication and the pure love of music…The Windsor Player was the result.

One year later The Windsor Player has made it’s way from Portland, Oregon to all corners of our planet. It has been written about and reviewed by independent journalists and even has begun to receive a bit of radio play. This was all because of people sharing and talking to other people about The Windsor Player through social networks and spreading the word. This just shows once again that regardless of location, race or personal beliefs, we are all truly connected!

To celebrate all of the above, it is our utmost pleasure to announce…


On Thursday, November 29th the LaurelThirst Public House in Portland, Oregon will host this special night from 6-8pm. The LaurelThirst is a place were most of us frequent to hear great music by some of Portland, Oregon’s best musicians, dance and be a community. This will be a free show but you must be 21 years of age to attend.

Many thanks and big love to everyone who has sought out, shared and supported this record over the last year from it’s humble beginning’s to now (still humble but starting to walk). See?…you, we, us…the people do have power! Please keep sharing and we will persevere to continue sharing with you! More exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks!


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  1. Shame I live too far… but maybe that’s just the kick-off for more shows in the future? Exciting anyways!

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