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The Washington Post: Music Review – Taylor Swift

On “The Last Time,” Swift takes a back seat to Snow Patrol lead singer Gary Lightbody, whose heavy and gravely vocals ride beautifully over the haunting beat, courtesy of producer Jacknife Lee.

From: Music Review: Taylor Swift expands with new producers on ‘Red,’ but overall sound is mediocre


Swift seems to have left country music behind, and it would be lovely to think her future is in songs like “The Last Time,” a sweeping, orchestral duet with Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, whose presence instantly makes her stand up a little straighter and tamp down her ingratiating Swift-isms. It’s mournful and spacious, one of many tracks on “Red” that shows that the more grown up Swift sounds and the farther away from Max Martin she gets, the better off she is. The song is an open doorway, an invitation to an adulthood that might not be all that bad. If Swift is smart, she’ll take it.

From: Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ is another winner, but she needs to start acting her age

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