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Taylor Swift: “I Have Been So Obsessed With Snow Patrol”

“It happened so serendipitously,” Swift says of “The Last Time,” her collaboration with Lightbody. “I was in the studio with Ed (Sheeran), recording our duet; Butch Walker was producing. Ed said, ‘Hey, my friend Gary’s in town; is it okay if he stops by? I really want you to meet him, because I think you’re a huge fan of his band’
“I said, ‘Are we talking about Snow Patrol right now? Is that what we’re talking about? Yes! He can by the studio and hang out. I’m a huge fan! That’s all I’ve been listening to!’
“So Gary comes in—he’s so nice, listens to the collaborations that Ed and I had done. He said, ‘Well, I want to write for your record.’ I said, ‘Send me over the dates that you’re available, and we’ll do it.’
“The next week, I go over to Jackknife Lee’s house, who’s his producer. We went into the studio, and Gary starts playing this melody. Immediately I got a visual. It became this incredibly narrative story between a guy and a girl, something I’d been through.
“It was so much fun making this song come to life and working with Jackknife Lee and Gary—being in the studio watching him sing live and how moving his voice is. It’s so, so crazy; I’ll never forget it.” –Brian Mansfield

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