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Guiness Arthur’s Day 2010 – 30min Video Footage

A very special acoustic show for 1000 VERY lucky guests. Recorded live in Dublin Ireland 2010 in the hall at the Guinness brewery itself!
The crowd  celebrate good old Arthur Guinness’ annual (posthumous) birthday -in his brewery! Then along with Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol) the countdown, to when the party begins,..

This is 28 minutes of Snow Patrol LIVE-acoustic! Then my battery died..eek! Anyhow, if you watch this video then please take the time to check out the video shots, (especially between 12 and 13 minutes) for some great totally unique 1st class frames of Snow Patrol and the crowd pictured at this event.
The band pictured through the ‘lens’ of a pint of Guinness!? -Video description

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