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Houston Press: Snow Patrol & High Flying Birds At Bayou Music Center

[…] On the final stop of their current tour, Snow Patrol kept fans screaming and chanting along in unison, as the band paid reverence to our city with a light show and a solid performance. What surprised me were the songs I hadn’t heard before… Which were most of them.

“Chasing Cars” and “Run” aren’t bad songs, but they also aren’t really representative of the band’s catalogue, which is actually pretty rockin’.

There were no effects on vocalist Gary Lighbody’s voice, either — no delay, no reverb, and no Autotune. He just sang particularly well, and the rest of the band kept pace with him. Having listened to a few of their songs online since the show, I think it’s safe to say that their live performance is even better than their recordings. […]

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