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Christmas Show At Waterfront Hall – Tickets On eBay

We have been getting a lot of emails, messages and tweets about the tickets touts recently and are just as upset as you are. It seems a lot of tickets went straight into the hands of touts who are now selling them for a lot of money. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this and no one other than the touts is to blame.

It seems the most expensive ones are currently at £5,900.00 (see here). We can only encourage everyone not to by expensive tickets on eBay or elsewhere.

Here’s a statement from Gary: @garysnowpatrol Sorry for those who had to resort from paying more than face value for the Belfast tickets. We do our best to make it hard for touts but it’s impossible to stop altogether. We wanted a low ticket price do it wasn’t too hard on your pockets at Christmas. Touts fuck that idea right up. Northern Irish charities will make in excess of 30 grand from the show so that at least is something positive. As for folks who paid hundreds of pounds for a ticket I’m sure nothing I say is gonna make it sting any less. I’m just sorry this shit happens at all. Loads of love to everyone. Bless your hearts.xx

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