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TTB’s 4th Birthday & 2012 Wrap-Up

thumb copyAloha all, today is our 4th Birthday. We couldn’t be happier with where we are as a team, a website and most of all, a community.

This year was filled with much laughter and many interesting discussions. We worked together on many projects such as the calendar, the Birthday box, Steffi’s note cards and Nicola’s and Nikki’s book club. Thanks so much for all your work ladies.

Special thanks to all the lovely people who make our community so special: Terri, Ursula, Mel, Simon, Cheryl, Lorraine, Cynthia, Karen, Karen, Teresa, Kinga, Steffi, Jeannette, Miguel, Anke, Jonas, Madlen, Katja, Sara, Nikki, Nicola, Silke, Corinne, Cat, Patrick, Rosie, Hayley, Kathrin, Miranda, Heather, Wendy, Debbie, Claudia, Becky, Aoife, Jennifer, Les, Catherine, Jacinta, Tina, Niekke, Mandy, Petra, Jack, Carrie, Sanne, Becky, all our Lori’s and Lorri’s :), Janie, Hannah, Heidi, Abi and many more… Also thanks to all our newbies for joining our community.

Thanks for sending us all your lovely photos and videos. Thanks for tweeting to us and sharing stuff on our facebook wall. It is all so very much appreciated and saves us so much time.

In the past four years we posted 4.500 posts in 300 categories. Our forums were set up in April 2010 and have since become a lovely home to our community. Thanks so much everyone for all your dedication to it and please do sign up if you haven’t already.

In September this year we totally changed the look of the site. We are excited to continue to work on TTB and TTB Forums and are always open to tips or criticism.

And of course as every year… with our Birthday comes… snow!

Thank you all so much,
Sam, Avanti, Julia & Sarah

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4 Responses »

  1. Happy Birthday TTB, thanks for everything!

  2. YAY here’s to the next four!

  3. Thanks for all you do girls HAPPY 4th xx

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