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Christmas Show At Waterfront Hall – Infos

xmasbelfAn early note as we know many of you are traveling to Belfast early. We hope you have a fabulous time, please do report back. Enjoy yourselves and safe travels!

To those who weren’t lucky with tickets or live overseas, we will keep you updated on Saturday evening sharing photos on twitter (if you’re going, please tweet your photos to @TheThirdBarcom) and facebook. We will also meet for our xmas chat, go here to find out more about that.

Show timings:

Matinee Show: Doors 2pm. Soak 2:30pm. Snow Patrol 3:30pm

Evening Show: Doors – 6pm. Soak 6:30pm. Snow Patrol 7:30pm

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  1. Am going, so excited!!!!! Will share photos.

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