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POP! Goes The Charts: “Strike” It Up – A Lighter Shade Of Alternative

38We’re a month and a half into 2013 and it’s already proven to be a spectacular year so far for music, from Pop to R&B to Rock. We’ve seen big returns and great new artists, all with solid singles. Here are three more from a mix of folk and soft rock acts, all chart veterans in their own right and looking to score on their Alternative scene.

Here’s a bit of a surprise from the Scottish band, who haven’t announced any news in terms of a brand new studio album. Likewise, this isn’t going to be the leadoff single from it. “Strike” originates from the band’s 2008 album, A Hundred Million Suns, where it stands at sixteen minutes in length and divided into three segments.

Part one of it, given the subtitle that you see above, encompasses about the first five minutes of the song, though even that will likely be reduced further for radio. So, why is a five-year-old song finally being released like it’s new? Well, it’s being promoted with an animated movie entitledEpic, featuring the voice of stars like Amanda Seyfried and Colin Farrell, along with musicians Beyoncé and Pitbull.

The film isn’t in theaters until late May, so it looks like their label wants to, ahem, ride out the “storm” (admit it, that one wasn’t as bad as usual) and try to hit the top ten with it, at least on AAA radio. It sounds like a Coldplay record, especially if you go back to their X&Y album, but considering that this was recorded in the summer of 2008, I can see where the band would have drawn from them as an influence. “Strike” is a mellow turned hard and energetic turned mellow again track, where lead singer Gary Lightbody questions, “What if this storm ends/And leaves us nothing/Except a memory/A distant echo?” It’ll do well enough, perhaps providing for a good transition until the band’s next full-length release hits stores.

SNOW PATROL – “The Lightning Strike (What If The Storm Ends?)”
Release Date: February 25 (U.S. AAA radio)

Read the article at popgoesthecharts.

Thanks TTB member emzy.

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