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London Evening Standard: Bo Bruce Talks About How Music Saved Her

boLady Catherine Anna Brudenell-Bruce takes one last drag on her cigarette, rattles an assortment of feathers and jewels and leads me into the Hampstead wine bar that has become her most familiar haunt. “I just love smoking, I cannot imagine not doing it,” she says in her not-too-plummy alto.

The singer, known to millions as doe-eyed Bo Bruce — who brought an otherworldly torment to the TV talent contest The Voice, finishing second — has spent the past six months recording her first album in the studio around the corner. The resulting collection, Before I Sleep, is a fine showcase for her siren voice and an impressive debut.

Bruce has been shepherded through the recording process by Henry Binns of Zero 7 and Jonny Quinn of Snow Patrol.

“It was so intense at the end, it was nice to put my head down and concentrate on something else,” she says. “Because of the amount of stuff I needed to say, it was cathartic. Henry and Jonny really held the mirror up to me. But I was so grateful to step out of the limelight. I don’t really know how I managed to get through it actually.” She looks around, as if surprised to be here. For  while many reality TV contestants are prone to hyperbole, in Bruce’s case, it is fully justified. […]

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