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Herald Scotland: Interview With Directors Of Good Vibrations

vib[…] In making the film, Leyburn and Barros D’Sa were able to call on the help of contemporary Scottish/Northern Irish rockers Snow Patrol. Gary Lightbody, Nathan Connolly and Jonny Quinn are executive producers on the film. In Quinn’s case, his involvement was in part a thank you for Hooley giving him a job many years ago. He also played in a band with Hooley before Snow Patrol formed. (Also turning up in the film to say thanks for the memories is Dylan Moran, the comedian.)

Snow Patrol proved particularly invaluable when it came to filming a concert scene at the Ulster Hall. “On a budget like ours it’s hard to get 2000 extras to fill a space like that,” says Barros D’Sa.

Snow Patrol duly sped to the rescue, putting the word out on their website that they would play an acoustic gig that night for fans if they turned up dressed as punks from the 1980s. “Within hours we had all the extras we needed,” says Barros D’Sa. […]

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