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Jonny Quinn Featured On Next Burning Codes Album

4The lovely Paul from Burning Codes just posted about some exciting collaborations on his facebook page.

Their next album will be called ‘Hope is Our Lightning’ and will be out next November.

We will continue to keep you up to date, in the meantime go here for Burning Codes’ official website that features a blog and here to ‘like’ them on facebook. Go here to read all Burning Codes news on

Hi Friends, had a wonderful time down in London yesterday at the fantastic studio of my wonderful bro at St.Lukes, Holloway and with the incredibly talented Jonny Quinn putting down some amazingly creative drums for one of the new songs for the new record. Iain also put down some amazing guitar on this track!! Such a privilege, honour and pleasure, heartfelt thanks guys, empathy and excitement all… More coderecording adventures coming soon. I will keep you updated friends…

Read the post on Burning Codes’ facebook page.

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  1. Great! Looking forward to their next release.

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