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The Lonely Together To Release Debut Single


The Lonely Together, whose latest track “Be Strong Frances” Paul recently remixed just released the debut single on Monday, March 18th on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Bandcamp.

Mike Baillie, head of the four-piece group says the song is:

“[…] a complicated story about the relationship between a man and his subconscious – best summed up as a frustrated love story between a man and his fantasy woman…whether she truly exists or not, we don’t know. The narrator believes he is helping this girl through a hard time but, in truth, it’s the mere idea of her that’s helping him exist…but I think people will simply take what they want from the story and they’re more than welcome to.”

Now, after being in a number of bands consigned to oblivion but enthusiastically championed by Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Radio 1’s Edith Bowman, Mike Baillie has formed a strong new four-piece group, The Lonely Together, who release their outstanding and immaculately-produced debut single “Be Strong Frances” on Monday (March 18) after the song caught fire on YouTube showcased by a stunning promotional video directed on Gullane beach by award-winning cinematographer Steve Cardno.

Speaking of his new project, Baillie says:

“I have a great feeling about this project. We’re a band, together in its own right, not a singer/songwriter with a backing band. I’m hell-bent on that. I’m not alone anymore. It’s a good feeling. There might not be any live shows planned right now, but we’re working on that in our little cave and I can assure you that it will be a live show worth fighting for as well. We won’t be holding anything back. Keep watching that video. The real thing is on its way.”e

“Be Strong Frances” was released on Monday, March 18th on iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Bandcamp and will be available across Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer. The single is be supported by two remixes, appearing as b-sides on the release – one by up-and-coming Edinburgh DJ One Dollar Dave, of the electronic outfit Discopolis, and another from Snow Patrol’s own Paul “Pablo” Wilson.

Official website:

Facebook / Twitter: /thelonelytogether / @lonelytogether

This article features parts of The Lonely Together’s official press release.

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  1. Love that song!

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