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Spring Sweep: Deleting Zero-Post Accounts

4 copyAloha TTBers… due to a lot of fake/spam accounts we will, over the next few days, delete a lot of zero-post accounts on TTB forums.

We don’t do this to kick anyone out but we’ve had a lot of fake accounts and spammers signing up lately and it’s our duty to protect our community members from these ‘people’.

Now here’s the thing; we’ve done this before and along with it came many questions such as “I don’t post often, will my account be deleted?” etc etc…

It’s a lot of work to get back to all of you via email, comment, facebook, twitter etc so please just understand that:

If you never posted on TTB forums before (as in.. you have ZERO posts) your account might be deleted (we don’t block your email address though). Technically, all you’d have to do is post ONCE so we know you are a real person. We do, however, appreciate to know our members, so please say Hi, write down a short introduction, engage in discussions, you will see people will show an interest in you. This is something we are extremely proud of, our community members welcome ‘newbies’ and show much interest in them.

If any questions remain, please ask them here in the comments section below. -the TTB team

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