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Gary To Appear In Campaign For Depression Awareness Week 2013

57Gary  takes part in a video campaign for Depression Awareness Week, initiated  by Aware, an organisation from Northern Ireland that helps people who suffer from depression. Aware on their campaign:

“As part of Depression Awareness Week 2013 we made a video highlighting the importance of talking to someone if they are depressed. This video features well known artist Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol; Jim Eastwood from the BBC’s Apprentice; Tim McGarry (Da from Give My Head Peace); Michelle Gildernew MP; Minister Edwin Po0ts MLA; Conall McDevitt MLA; Anna Lo MLA; Mike Nesbitt MLA and other people who agreed to participate. The participants were given the choice of two signs to hold. The first sign says, “I had depression, I talked about it and never looked back.” The second of the signs reads, “I know someone who had depression, they talked about it and never looked back.”

Go here to read more about the organisation and the campaign. Watch the video below.

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