Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Lara Pulver On Giving Up Netball To Chase Acting Goal

931233647[…] Her career is definitely in fifth gear, even if she’s not. She had to turn down a role in the upcoming Colin Farrell film, Winter’s Tale, because of conflicts with the DaVinci shoot. Asked about dream roles in the future, she mentions Desdemona, Othello’s ill-fated wife. And she’d like to use her vocal training, but wouldn’t record an album. “I don’t ever classify myself as a singer. I make noise. I don’t open my mouth to sing unless it’s a character decision. There’s something about musicians I find fascinating. I put them on a pedestal. Weirdly, the first time I think I’ve ever been starstruck is when I met Gary [Lightbody of Snow Patrol], and didn’t know it was him. He knew about Sherlock, and was very complimentary, and I said, ‘What do you do?’ He said, ‘I’m a singer songwriter.’ My partner was trying to very subtly say, ‘You probably know some of his work.’ I was like, ‘Are you in a band?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I’m in this band called Snow Patrol.’ I wished the ground could swallow me up.”

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