Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Gary Writes Song For Startrek Into Darkness

Snow Patrol’s star trekfrontman Gary Lightbody has teamed up with Polar Patrol’s new signing Bo Bruce to write a new track ‘The Rage That’s In Us All’ for the new Star Trek film ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ out May 9th.

“It’s been a total joy to work with Gary.” Says Bo. “Not only has he come up with another genius song but he’s gone and got us a slot in a JJ Abrams movie, he is a true hero of mine. I’m totally honoured.”

The film starring Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg, follows the huge success of ‘Star Trek’, which redefined the Star Trek universe for a new generation.

The track ‘The Rage That’s In Us All’ will also feature on the soundtrack to the album in the UK and will be released shortly before the release of the film.

Go to to read the article there.

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  1. Gary AND Benedict on the same movie? At the same time? This Irish girl may need a drink or two. ;)

  2. I second that Seattle Shannon :-)

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