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BBC ATL: Gig Of The Week – RAMS’ Pocket Radio June 2013

57Ever since we first played ‘Dieter Rams has Got the Pocket Radios’ on ATL (briefly losing our minds in the process), we’ve been waiting for this moment – the release of Peter McAuley, aka RAMS’ Pocket Radio’s debut album. The best way to sum up just how highly regarded Peter is and just how excited his peers are about the album’s release is to take a look at the list of collaborators set to join him onstage – SOAK, Gareth Dunlop, members of Snow Patrol, members of General Fiasco….all literally queueing up to work with one of the most interesting artistes of the last few years. And if you’re not onboard already, here’s Peter himself with an official invite….discussion

‘I’m honoured to be joined by so many amazing artists on Friday. They all inspire me, are all Northern Irish and all represent different styles and ways of getting their music out there. It’s exciting, pretty much every track on the album will be performed as a collaboration.

‘When I made Béton, I wanted to set a record in stone as a statement of identity, but also to capture the process and context in which it was made. Friday will be about making the Béton statement, but the context will be different. It’ll be a series of collaborative moments, which will never be repeated in exactly the same way ever again.’


RAMS’ Pocket Radio plays The Stiff Kitten, Belfast this Friday night. Support from Little Rivers.

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Thanks TTB member Springflower.

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