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Xfm: Gary Lightbody Writing Screenplay

Snow Pxfmatrol frontman Gary Lightbody’s told XFM he’s trying to get into film making and plans to write a script.

“I’m trying my very, very best. It’s a completely different discipline to sit down and write a screenplay or to write a novel, than writing songs,” he told XFM’s Jon Holmes.

“I’m very easily distracted. I need a place with no distractions and I haven’t quite found that place yet. I might need to send myself away to some remote island.”

Gary recently made a small screen appearance in an episode of the HBO behemoth Game of Thrones and admitted it came about because he knew someone who works on it.

“They film it in Northern Ireland and they came to see Snow Patrol play in Belfast and we became friends,” he explained.

“I asked them if I could be a member of the Night’s Watch – I just wanted to stand in the background. Then Dan said there was a part for a singer and would I come and do it. Because I was on horseback I had to do horse riding lesson, I had to have a physical, I had to do all these things to get signed off.”

Gary Lightbody is preparing for the release of a new album from his side project Tired Pony.

The supergroup features Peter Buck from R.E.M. and Richard Colburn from Belle & Sebastian.

Their debut record The Ghost of the Mountain is out next month.

Go here to read the article at Xfm’s website.

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