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Belfast Telegraph: Ciaran Gribbin Collaborates With Johnny McDaid

The Belfast Telegraph has posted a lengthy interview with Ciaran Gribbin, who has opened for Snow Patrol as well as contributed backing vocals to Eyes Open.

In the article, which mainly focuses on his time as the latest frontman for INXS, he discusses his upcoming solo EP, which includes a collaboration with Johnny McDaid. Read a bit more about their work together below.

To that end, he’s been busy writing and producing for young, up-and-coming artists, has been scoring a number of television adverts and is about to release a new five-track EP. Its lead single, My Killer My King was co-written with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid. Ciaran performed his new single for the first time last Wednesday on Australian television but it received its first airplay on Alan Simpson’s Radio Ulster show.

“The EP is a mixture of songs that I wrote before INXS, he says. “I always loved My Killer My King. It was written literally a couple of months before I got the INXS gig.

“We wrote and recorded it in Johnny McDaid’s studio in London. Then I went off to Australia and joined INXS and he went off to Los Angeles and has since joined Snow Patrol.”

You can read the interview in its entirety at the source. You can listen to a live performance of “My Killer My King” at the 98FM website. “My Killer My King” will be released Friday, August 16th.

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