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UTV: Award For Snow Patrol Drummer

Jonny_01The drummer from Snow Patrol has credited the youth charity Springboard for setting up the band following a work placement in London as a teenager.

Jonny Quinn was recognised at an awards ceremony at Belfast City Hall on Friday morning.

Lifting the accolade for inspirational celebrity, he revealed had it not been for the charity he would never have founded Snow Patrol.

The 41-year-old told the audience how a work placement in the music industry in London set up by Springboard led him to meet frontman Gary Lightbody.

“This one is particularly important I think because it kind of lead me to join Snow Patrol through starting to do the course,” he explained.

“It got me over to London, it got me involved in the music industry, got me to put on gigs and I out on Snow Patrol before I joined them, so it was a very important initiative that they’ve set up here and I hope it keeps running.”

The local band is still going strong 17 years on and preparing to record a new album.

Meanwhile Olympic boxing medallist Paddy Barnes also picked up an award on behalf of Oscar Knox – the five-year-old who’s battling a rare form of cancer.

The little boy from Mallusk was given the all clear in April but recently suffered a relapse.

Barnes said: “I feel great that I am receiving the award you know and it’s a tough time at the minute for his family, but you know Oscar – he is a strong, strong fighter.”

The awards were presented after local young people took part in a walk through Belfast City centre ahead of international peace day this weekend.

Go to UTV’s website to read the article there and watch the short video clip.


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