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Review by Tired Pony @ Housing Works NYC 9/25

TP_New York_01All of us have a handful of bands we hold near and dear to our ears that are unknowns to the majority of the music public. It is rare, especially in this day of music’s digital ubiquity, that a band containing many known superpowers lingers in the unknown. Tired Pony fits perfectly into this category. Its core of Gary Lightbody, Peter Buck, Richard Colburn, Iain Archer and Scott McCaughey has the weight of major players from Snow Patrol, R.E.M., Belle and Sebastian and Young Fresh Fellows behind them. Despite appearing on paper to be a band rock enthusiasts clamor for and putting out two high quality and diverse albums — 2010’s The Place We Ran From and this year’s The Ghost of the Mountain — they remain in obscurity. Their publicity and live exposure certainly do not help, though, with the former being nearly nonexistent in the states (while debuting in the top 20 of the UK charts for both albums) and the latter seeing them perform only in London, New York and Los Angeles.

So to behold Tired Pony in the flesh is a pure treat that could not be passed up Wednesday in New York City, even if the show was not to start until 10:30 pm. And that it was a charity show that took part in the bookstore/café Housing Works, a space that can house only 250-300 people and is a homeless nonprofit organization, made it all the more special. Lightbody led the proceedings with his warmth and genuine excitement to be there radiating to a crowd heavy on Snow Patrol fans. He, Buck, McCaughey, Colburn, Troy Stewart, and company certainly did not disappoint. Delivering a 14-song, 70-minute set mixed between the Americana of their first record and the poppier newer release, Tired Pony regaled the crowd with their mastery of harmony, string, and percussion. Brooklyn-based Rosi Golan lent her vocal talents to songs that feature other women’s harmonies on the albums, enriching songs like “Get on the Road” and “Your Way Is the Way Home” with her warmth and range. And as at their recent London one-off show, Mike Mills of R.E.M. joined the band for harmony duties on “Point Me at Lost Islands.” This placed half of the disbanded rock legends side by side on stage while drawing out a memory from Lightbody of his teenage self being performing his first live song: R.E.M.’s “Find the River.”

The show fittingly ended with the title track of their second record because, like the apparition suggested by “The Ghost of the Mountain,” Tired Pony and their supergroup parts again became part of the seemingly unattainable, haunting us with the possibilities of a greater live and recorded presence.


  • I Don’t Want You as a Ghost
  • Northwestern Skies
  • I’m Begging You Not to Go
  • Get on the Road
  • Blood
  • Dead American Writers
  • The Creak in the Floorboards
  • Point Me at Lost Islands
  • Wreckage and Bone
  • All Things at Once
  • That Silver Necklace
  • The Good Book
  • Your Way is the Way Home
  • The Ghost of the Mountain

Go here to read the review and see the pictures at its origin.

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