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The Telegraph: Little Matador Profile

Who are they?

Taking time out from his “day job” as Snow Patrol’s lead guitarist, Nathan Connolly is indulging his primal rock ’n’ roll roots with this new Dublin-based quintet. The band comes with plenty of alternative-rock pedigree, also featuring former Idlewild bassist Gavin Fox and multi-instrumentalist Troy Stewart – who plays in supergroup Tired Pony, with members of Snow Patrol and REM. Drummer “Binzer” Brennan (The Frames) and guitarist Dave Magee (LaFaro) complete the line-up.

How did they get here?

“About two years ago, in between touring with Snow Patrol, I really needed to make a record,” says Connolly. “I knew exactly who I wanted to work, so I went to Dublin and asked the guys if they were up for getting together. Luckily they all said yes.” Since then the quintet have recorded a debut album and played support shows for Queens of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails.

What do they sound like?

“Raw, dirty, musically aggressive – but still big on melody” is how Connolly describes the band’s sound. “Lyrically it’s [about] all the important stuff: love, loss, redemption, faith. I’ve been brutally honest in some of the lyrics. I wrote some of them at a time when I was very hurt or very angry,” he says. Essentially, Little Matador sound nothing like anthemic indie balladeers Snow Patrol. Their music is powerful, loud, visceral rock, to be filed somewhere between The Stooges and the Arctic Monkeys.

What’s next?

Connolly is determined that Little Matador be seen as a band with longevity, rather than something to pass the time between Snow Patrol albums, and already has intentions on making a second album. But before that, the group are hitting the road for a UK tour, and will be playing the festival circuit this summer, with dates to be announced soon.

Little Matador’s debut album is released on April 21. The band’s UK tour begins in Guildford on March 31.

Article by Catherine Gee. View the article at the source.

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