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What happens when you take a selection of fine, accomplished musicians and allow them to make an album that will blow your eardrums in the most enjoyable way possible? The simple answer: Little Matador.

April 21st sees the release of their much anticipated first album. The band boasts an array of already established musicians. Nathan Connolly of Snow Patrol takes centre stage, providing vocals and guitar, Dave Magee  (LaFaro) contributes guitar, Troy Stewart (Tired Pony) plays a multitude of instruments and the solid rhythm section is comprised of bassist Gavin Fox (Turn and Idlewild) and well known drummer Binzer Brennan (The Frames/Bell X1).

With a selection of musicians like that, it’s easy to see why they’re being hyped up. But what they’ve created is unique and worlds apart from anything any of their respective bands has ever even came close to putting out.

There really is no other way to describe ‘Little Matador’ other than it being an album that the Irish music scene so badly needed. There is endless amounts of talent on our little island, but what we lack, is a proper stadium rock band, akin to the likes of Muse and Queens of the Stone Age. Little Matador have delivered a stunning debut album, filled with tracks that explode into life from the second they kick in, and others that are more gentle, but still have that gritty rock sound, greatly helped by Connolly’s voice.

The album is a ten tracks long, and not one of them is out of place. Opening track Stitch Yourself Up is a song that makes a bold statement of intent, and it’s clear that it’s going to be at album to remember. There’s no track on this album that isn’t worth a mention, but Shatter and Liar Liar, which was released as a single, are two tracks that just about stand out from the pack.

Boom Boom is another highlight, and it delivers exactly what the name implies. It’s a ballsy track led by a thumping bassline and verses that build into an explosive chorus that is literally filled with energy

‘Little Matador’ is as good a debut album as they come. It is filled with sentiment, melodic riffs and more than anything else, it is brimming with potential that will surely be recognized.

Review by Ally Daly of GoldenPlec. Thanks to Teresa for sharing the review on our forums!

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