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Clash Music: Little Matador’s Nathan Connolly Reviews The Singles

You might think of him foremost as the guitarist in Snow Patrol, as he’s played a pretty major part in that band’s rise to success, joining them in 2003 and co-writing the smash-hit ‘Run’. Right now, though, Nathan Connolly is fronting an entirely new ensemble, Little Matador (pictured), whose eponymous debut LP is released on April 21st via Fiction Records.

Well, right now Nathan isn’t doing any of that guitar-playing, band-fronting business, at all. He’s reviewing this week’s new-release singles for Clash. Hey, thanks Nathan. Hey, thanks Nathan. Here’s your own video to ‘Stitch Yourself Up’, to kick things off…

– – –

‘Stitch Yourself Up’, from the album ‘Little Matador’

– – –

Beyoncé – ‘Partition’

“I’m a fan. She consistently pushes herself and always excites me musically. Brilliant, and exceptionally sexy. This is slightly reminiscent of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’, a song I adore – sleazy, and still classy. This makes me want to get my drink, dance and everything else on.”

– – –

Circa Waves – ‘Stuck In My Teeth’

“Cool. Bright. Infectious. It has summer written all over it.”

– – –

twenty one pilots – ‘Car Radio’

“Honestly, I wasn’t sure on my very first listen, but it stuck with me. I had to go back. It’s an exciting journey this track, and although musically different it has the same intensity for me as Middle Class Rut’s ‘Busy Being Born’, an incredible song. I love being taken surprise like this… and now I just sit in silence!”

– – –

Birdy – ‘Words As Weapons’

“Effortless. Dark, strange, and beautifully restrained. Got deep under my skin. Stunning.”

– – –

Kyan – ‘Rosetta’

“Admittedly this is not the biggest genre in my record collection, but this is a great track. Soulful. Fresh. Great melodies.”

– – –

Hozier – ‘From Eden’

“A fellow Irishman. Hazy and dream-like, the booze-fuelled glorious afternoon sun drifting into the perfect evening feel gets sweeter with every listen. Superb.”

View the article at the source at this link, including up to date tour date information.

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