Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Snow Patrol To Make ‘Giant Rock Record’?

45678o9Snow Patrol will “probably” be releasing their seventh studio album next year (2015), Gary Lightbody has revealed – and the front man has big ambitions for the record.

The singer was talking to Contactmusic about his side-project Tired Pony. When asked about Tired Pony’s next album, Lightbody said that “there’s a while to wait” due to Snow Patrol’s new album.

He explained that “If Snow Patrol release an album next year, which we probably will, and then tour for it….”, that there won’t be time to record with Tired Pony.

Lightbody further expressed his ambitions for Snow Patrol’s new material, saying he wanted to make: “[A] big record. Big, bold, beautiful, unabashedly going for the far reaches of the universe.

“I want to make a giant rock record and stand there and sing it like I mean it. I want joy, I want pure joy. I’m not gonna waste my time on anything else.”

Lightbody further calculated that fans would have to wait until 2017 for Tired Pony’s new record – but said there was “definitely going to be a third”.

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