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Fortitude Magazine: Little Matador Interview (Sea Sessions 2014)

Fronted by Snow Patrol’s Nathan Connolly, Little Matador combine their strengths from the likes of The Frames, Snow Patrol and Bell X1 into a more hard-hitting rock sound with this new project.

We caught up with the band before they took to the Vodafone Stage at Sea Sessions…

You guys are set to play Sea Sessions in a bit – excited for that?

Absolutely! It’s the first time any of us have played at Sea Sessions, so yeah we’re looking forward to it. What a set – if you can’t enjoy yourself here…!

Your sound is quite a full, loud sound. Does that come across well at festivals for you?

Yeah, I mean certain festivals are more rock than others but I think it seems like a healthy mix here. But we’re still big into melody so we’ve got the place where we can cross over as well. And we’re just starting festivals as well so it’s still quite early days. We played last night in Dublin and that went really well with the crowd, so I think this will be fun to see.

How was the Biffy Clyro [Kilmainham] gig last night?KTjbkKqTq

It was great, we had a great show. The Biffy fans were super lovely to us. Since our record has come out we’ve noticed a difference with crowds as well ’cause people are slightly more familiar with the songs. That’s always helpful. but we’re there to open up and also to win fans and show people what we’re about so festivals are good for that. We’ve been excited for this two month run for that very reason.

Coming from playing in all different bands previously, was it difficult to all come together on one sound?

It was an absolute nightmare! No, it wasn’t at all really. Of course there’s a few logistical things but other than that, you make it happen ’cause you want it to. But we just got a room and we didn’t really have any pre-conceived notions I think before we started writing together so what happened was just instantaneous. We had a feeling it was gonna be bluesy rock but it just really happened organically on its own.

Talking about your self-titled album – how was the response been to that and what’s the plan to follow up on that? Gigging a lot?

Yeah we’re gigging right throughout the Summer. We started gigging in August last year on and off. We had some big gigs last year but we weren’t heavily touring until this year and we’ve done the circuit around the UK and Ireland a couple of times now but over the Summer we’ve a lot of festivals, which is something that we really wanted from early on when we finished the record. ‘Cause that’s where you can pick up fans. But yeah, at the minute we’re booked up to the end of August and we’ll see where that takes us. The single is out on Monday, so yeah we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully it will carry us to the end of the year.

Deadly! Thank you so much for that interview guys, I’ll catch your set later.

Okay, thank you very much!

Visit to see the interview at its source.

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