Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Snow Patrol Drummer On Courtney Cox And Guinness Amplify

Drummer Jonny Quinn has described his bandmate’s fiance, Courtney Cox, as a “lovely down to earth person”.

Talking about his bandmate’s recent engagement to actress Courtney Cox, Jonny said:

“Most of the band have met Courtney, she’s a lovely down to earth person and they’re really good together.”

The Northern Irish musician said that he looks forward to visiting the couple in Los Angeles, where a variety of famous faces routinely “pop in for a cup of tea”.

Snow Patrol is one of the prolific bands that will be advising and mentoring up and coming music talent as part of the Guinness Amplify initiative.After five years, Guinness have scrapped Arthur’s Day in favour of the new music programme to support emerging Irish artists.

Snow Patrol’s Jonny Quinn said the band will be involved in workshops and talent scouting.

The 42-year-old drummer believes that talent searches like Guinness Amplify have increased young hopeful’s chances of making it in the industry:

“It’s always been tough. When we started out there was nothing like this but there was more labels and probably more investment.”

“Social media is so big now, it really helps spread the word quite quickly and raises your profile.”

“It’s so important to play live- and you do have to be better live now a days that we were in our early stages.”

At the moment, Snow Patrol are writing their next album which will be out in 2015.

Celebrating twenty years together this year, Jonny joked, “We can’t believe we haven’t killed each other!”

He offers vital advice to young bands: “stick together through the tough times.”

“We had self belief but we did think ‘maybe this just won’t happen’. We didn’t really fit in with the scene- Britpop was huge at the time and we were more like American bands.”

“Then, we played ‘Run’ and the audience clapped for twice as long, so we thought ‘maybe we’re onto something.’”

He told Colm Hayes, “Having people sing ‘Chasing Cars’ and ‘Run’ in the way they do is something we never get bored of.”

You can read Freya Drohan’s article at the original source at this link.

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