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Belfast Telegraph: Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody Pops In To Wish Ill Terri Hooley A Speedy Recovery

gL_2014-12-23_Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody has wished Terri Hooley a speedy recovery as he visited the Belfast godfather of punk in hospital.

Terri, one of Northern Ireland’s best known music figures, fell ill three weeks ago and is believed to be facing months in hospital.

But he has not been short of visitors, with Lightbody the latest in a long line of well-wishers.

It is understood Terri will have to undergo a heart bypass operation. Bangor-born Lightbody had already donated boxes of music to sell in the store after calls went out for the public to support the Good Vibrations record shop as owner Terri was being treated.

His friend and founder of the Oh Yeah music centre Stuart Bailie also organised a number of events at the music store founded by Hooley in 1977. Among the events were a live Skype sing-along. A Good Vibrations instore ‘Shin dig’ was also held.

Sky_Blue_Easter_Egg_with_Flowers_and_Yellow_Bow_PNG_PictureTerri, whose life story was brought to the big screen in the acclaimed film Good Vibrations, took to Facebook afterwards to thank everyone for their support.

“Thank you everyone. It was very emotional for me, so nice to be able to see so many friends and headbangers on Skype. One Love, The Hooleygan,” he said. Many others also left messages for Terri, who turns 66 today and was responsible for releasing The Undertones’ classic Teenage Kicks.

Brenda Mannagh McMeekin posted on Facebook: “So good to see Terri in his shop today via Skype, very emotional as we all sang Teenage Kicks.

“Well done Stuart Bailie and all who helped set this up. The room was filled with so much love, all willing Terri back to good health.”

Go to Belfast Telegraph’s website to read the article there.

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