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Bangor Abbey (Dec 23rd) Review by Steve Stockman

10310610_10152496784636437_871336127252305264_nSteve Stockman posted a review of the acoustic gig in Bangor Abbey on his blog.

[…] Gary Lightbody has no such front man struggles. He is one third of the coolest Northern Irish Men alive triumvirate, along with Jamie Dornan and Rory McIlroy. He has the gift of charm and the gab and immediately seems like an old friend just chattering away which might have been helped by the fact that most of the audience might indeed have been friends; Jonny Quinn was front row for goodness sake. Lightbody’s patter between songs is natural, funny and tonight confessional, emotional and deep.

Those great Snow Patrol tunes are revealed in greater greatness in their ability to come back down from their stadium anthem mountains to become fragile beautiful pieces of songwriting in this most intimate of locations. Chocolate was reinvented; Lifening was what it is; Crack The Shutters was all sensual and a little red faced in a sacred space; and Tired Pony’s All Things All At Once was perfectly placed for its west coast sound. Of particular stand out in this vulnerability was Golden Floor with it’s “I’m not afraid of anything even time/It’ll eke away at everything but we’ll be fine”. We were back to that theme of making it through standing side by side with loved ones. […]

Read the whole review here.

Photo: Bradley Quinn

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