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Burning Codes: “Hope Is Our Lightning” Interview

480331_10152649242795371_1011495098_nBurning Codes new single ‘The Road’ surprises listeners with a new, more heavy sound. Speaking to TTB, Paul Archer says “To be honest, right from the embryonic stages of the writing of this new album I felt instinctively and intuitively that this record would have to have more ‘bite’, more struggle and more shifting dynamics than it’s predecessors. The Road is definitely one of the songs on this record in which I am seeking to convey a sense of struggle and a feeling of wrestling with the things which this incredible journey through life can throw at us where even when we try our very best events can overtake and we search for a place of peace of respite and ‘light’. Therefore sonically I really felt strongly that this song should have serious weight, intent, focus and ‘bite’.

It feels to me that a part of this journey of struggle and trying to remain fluid and keep up Hope in dark and difficult times is to also be ‘real’ about what is going on and not try to run away or pretend that things are not difficult and perhaps a part of this is being able to release our hurt, our energy, our struggle and our frustration, hence the chorus lyric which to me is simple saying “Go on shout, release your frustration, scream at the world and release the tension”. The Road is also about a sense of overcoming the difficulties we may face with determination, will and a strong resolve and a firm intent and concentrating on moving forward toward where we want to be “…much lighter place, we can start again”.

When asked about the concept behind the new album “Hope is our Lightning”, which is set to be released next summer on Oilbug Music,  with publishing by Polar Patrol Publishing, he explains “The longer I journey through this ‘thing’ we call ‘life’ and given my other work activities in the mental health field and working with people who society often terms as ‘vulnerable’ the more I see, feel and experience the reality and potentiality of a realization of what concepts like ‘Hope’, ‘Personal Meaning’ and ‘Purpose’ can do for others whom I have worked and shared with and for myself in my own life.

With the new album being called “Hope Is Our Lightning” the whole central concept underpinning this new record really is that Hope itself can be an energy, a potential galvanizing, strengthening force even when we are at our lowest.

The last few years of my life (like many many other of our fellow human beings on this planet experience) have been extremely challenging and in writing this new record I wanted to really try to convey a tangible sense of struggle (‘The Road’), of durability and fluidity (these ideas inspired the songs ‘Whatever Comes’ & ‘Fight Through’ on the new album) and of the ever evolving changing and profound nature of our existence and for me I see this reflected at points within the Quantum Universe which appears ever more fascinating and at times so unlike the macro so called ‘reality’ we experience or, indeed think we experience day to day along with the importance in my existence of a feeling that things can change for the better with focus, strength and “Hope…

A huge part of this journey is also our experience of loving and of being loved and it appears to me that a part of this is also being able to first ‘love’ ourselves in order to perhaps be able to more fully love others (this idea is the inspiration behind a song on the new record called ‘Got Love’).

The first single from our new album “She’s The Only One For Me’ was exploring with love in a quantum manifesting context whereby the idea behind this concept was that by engaging our intention, will and action and actually ‘feeling’ with our emotions how it would feel if we were already where we wanted to be that the Universe / (possible Multiverse?) would/could listen to us and that the nature of our reality could actually be changed which I find incredible, fascinating, exciting, challenging and invigorating!

We can also observe that our ‘journey’ and our experience of loving and being loved ever changes and evolves and this is a very special thing and at times something for me which can have an almost ‘otherness’ about it (this thought informs the song ‘Journey Into Love’ on the new record).”

This time round, fans had to be a little more patient though as the album took unusually long to make. “With the recording of this new album I have to say that this is probably the record which has taken the longest time to make. It has been an incredible journey. However I think that it is safe to say that at the outset of the making of this record I had a strong vision for how it should/would be largely due to the circumstances of my life and of those I love and who are closest to me in this life.” Paul explains.

“Some of the songs on this new record were written in Ireland in Bangor (thanks to my mother Margaret and to my father Campbell) and in Belfast (thanks to Mr. Jon Moorehead) and some in the Midlands in England. This album was primarily recorded at the beautiful Grange Farm Studio in Emneth in The Fens. Early pre-production was recorded in Belfast in Jon Moorehead’s Moosetronix Studio. Early drum sessions with Jonny Q. were recorded by my wonderful brother Iain at his studio in St. Lukes on the Holloway Road in London.
The album was part mixed at Grange Farm Studios with Dan & Isi of Oilbug Records and also part mixed by Mr. Rafe McKenna and Mr. Dave Lynch. Our heartfelt thanks go out to both Rafe and to Dave and to Dan and Isi for their incredible work.”

When asked about where he hopes this record will go, he adds “It is my Hope that as many people as possible might get a chance to hear this record, whether indeed they like the songs or not or maybe like some and not others, but what is important to me on a personal level is that as many people get a chance to hear the record as possible and that many many people will share it and spread the word. We all have our ‘codes’ our own thoughts, feelings, ideas and I Hope that we can all journey together and liberate and express our ‘codes’ both collectively and personally.

This would mean SO much to me and to the other Codemakers without whom this record would not be what it is! I want to say to them that it is an utter privilege to share this journey with them and that they are all profoundly talented people, Hannah Foxx, Gary Must, Mark Ringer, Nick Finn, Rambo Hearts, Simon Bailey, Logan McKelvey, Darren Nimmo.

Also I would like to thank and the project as a whole would like to thank the incredibly talented people who we have collaborated with on this record and who inspire us and without whom this record would not be.

To Dan Donovan and Isi and Lucy Clarke at Oilbug Records a huge thank you. Thanks to Dan Donovan also for his genius video work for the singles “She’s The Only One For Me” and “The Road”.” Thanks Andy Cowan, our cyber genius after our website and has been a tremendous supporter of the project since it first began.

Burning Codes would not be if it were not for my wonderful and profoundly talented brother Iain Archer who also was and continues to be such a thoughtful, kind, encouraging and supportive part of this record with the early drum sessions with Mr.Jonny Quinn of Snow Patrol being recorded at Iain’s studio in London. It is indeed unlikely that I would make music as I do had it not been for my brother Iain and his love of songwriting both together and separately. Iain is of course now a very very successful songwriter, artist, musician and producer working with people like Snow Patrol, Tired Pony, Jake Bugg, Nina Nesbitt, Luke Sital Singh… the list goes on and on…

I feel incredibly privileged and honoured that my close and dear friend Mr. Jonny Quinn of the amazing Snow Patrol very kindly played drums on two songs on this new record ‘The Road’ and ‘She’s The only One For Me’. Jonny and myself made music together back in Belfast in the band Disreali Gears (which later became The Ghears) and Disreali Gears was started by my brother Iain and myself in the early to mid 90’s! Jonny is an incredible musician and drummer and we have many many great memories of very colourful, powerful and interesting times making music together.

I want to thank all of the amazing Snow Patrol for their profound friendship, kindness and support both personally and for these ‘codes’ and also to all at Polar Patrol my profound and heartfelt thanks.

I owe a huge debt also to the genius that is Mr. Jon Moorehead over home in Belfast who worked with me tirelessly on the pre-production demos for this new album. Jon, this record would not be what it is without you.

Thanks to families and friends all.
Empathy all…”

Photo: Dan Donovan


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  1. Rivers of hope was a fantastic record.. Excited.

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