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Belfast Live: Snow Patrol Could Earn Thousands in ad Revenue as Fans View Their YouTube Videos 230 Million Times

urlAccording to StatSheep the band could have earned as much as £375,052 in advertising revenue

Snow Patrol are approaching 230m views of their music videos on YouTube – and all those fans could have netted the band as much as £375,000.

YouTube users had watched the Northern Irish band’s videos a total of 229.5m times by June 9 on their official channel.

According to StatSheep, which monitors the video sharing website, that could have earned as much as £375,052 in advertising revenue.

If a YouTube video has an advert it will normally play before the video begins.

Ad revenue is normally measured in the amount generated per 1000 views (CPM).

In the last 14 days videos on their channel have been played over half a million times.

Assuming a CPM of between 50 cents and $2.50, that could have earned her between £596 and £2,978 during the past fortnight.

This doesn’t count videos that other people have uploaded of their music.

The YouTube advertising money is still most likely a drop in the ocean compared to what the band have made from their recorded music.

Their third album, Eyes Open, reached number one in 2006 and has sold over six million copies.

They also has some way to go to catch up with One Direction.

The boy band are the most subscribed band on YouTube and could have made as much as £6.95m from their videos.

The 160 videos on their channel have been viewed an incredible 4.3bn times.

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