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UTV: Gary Lightbody Sings For Northern Ireland Team (VIDEO)

Zwischenablage01Bangor-born Lightbody, whose band had hits with songs like Run and Chasing Cars, is a fervent Northern Ireland fan and is a regular member of the Green and White Army.

He was offered the chance to make a dream come true by donning the national side’s jersey in a practice session ahead of Saturday’s Euro 2016 qualifier against Romania, and repaid the favour by treating the squad to an impromptu gig at their team hotel outside Belfast.

After training, Lightbody travelled with the team to the Culloden Estate and held court with his guitar.

Midfielder Chris Baird said: “It was fantastic to see him, obviously we’re massive fans with him being from here so it was nice to meet him.

“But he was buzzing as well, just to get out on the training pitch and do a bit, he seemed happy to be here. “He sang a few songs for us at lunchtime and it was really nice.”

Lightbody was proud to spend the day with the team: “It was a very intimidating gig, put it that way – everybody sitting in their Northern Ireland kit looking at me. “I always wanted to play for Northern Ireland and I was just never good enough.

“Here I am today – I spent the morning with the team, had breakfast with them, went on the coach to Windsor, got to play at Windsor with a Northern Ireland top on, got to score a goal at Windsor. It was amazing.”

View the UTV video interview and article here.

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