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HOTPRESS: Oliver Cole Interview

maxresdefaultFor a nanosecond, you could have forgiven Oliver Cole’s PR for thinking he’d gone full John Cage and embraced the avant-garde silence on his second solo album. “The first disc Ollie gave me of ‘the album’ was actually blank,” the esteemed Pete Murphy recalls as his dapper artistic charge talks up the ultimately audible delights of Year Of The Bird in The Library Bar, Dublin. “There was no fuckin’ music on it, so that’s how secretive he is!”

“I’m not a reluctant musician,” Cole explains. “I love that side of it. But I’ve always been pretty bad putting myself forward.”

It took Gary Lightbody at a London party hearing what his old pal, late of beloved indies Turn, had in the offing to coax him into sharing it with the world through Third Bar Records.

“We have mutual friends and I know those boys for a long time. I was gonna say from another universe! But this one. Snow Patrol used to support Turn when we were playing the likes of Vicar Street and the Music Centre. They still hadn’t made ‘Run’.”

Is there a parallel universe in which the Meath songwriter hadn’t called time on Turn in 2006 and they are now touring the same arenas around the world as their Northern Irish colleagues? […]

Read the full interview at

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